Olympeak VIP Launch

The Super-App Of Sports

Olympeak VIP Launch

Olympeak, our sister company powered by Olympia was launched in Frankfurt, in the presence of Cafu the soccer legend. Check out the after movie!

The first VIP launch event of Olympeak has been a great success. Eighty top leaders from the sports and technology industry attended the event. Pedro Perez and Pierre-Emmanuel Czaja, our common co-founders, were in good company as per the picture above with the Brazilian 3-time world champion.

Pierre-Emmanuel had the chance to address the audience and speak about the state of the sportstech industry. He also explained how Olympia enables the future of sports and how it supports Olympeak.

Olympeak is set to get millions of users within the next couple of years. It will boost our database and strengthen the network effect of the ecosystem. At the same time Olympia will increase the scalability of Olympeak services and bring blockchain support to the project.

Now looking forward to more great news coming soon as well as the next launch events in Americas, Asia and in the Middle East.


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