Universal Sports ID

Universal database for amateur sports and physical activity.

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Unifying the World of Sports

Olympia aggregates, organizes and monetizes amateur sports data. It also generates open industry standards that unify the world of sports. The created value is shared with the service (data) providers and the players.


Login and identity system based on Blockchain. Players have full control of their profile & privacy. They get access to their stats in just one place. Olympia Connect is their Passport for Sports.


Universal and accurate level rating system for each sport. There is also an Olympia Activity Index which works like an overall activity index for individuals.


Players are rewarded for being more active and not just for winning. The more you play, the more you earn Olympia tokens (OLX). Becoming the Currency of Sports.

Want to know more about us?

Download and read our White Paper. It contains detailed information about the decentralized sports ecosystem we propose. In this document you will learn about OLYMPIA’s mission, technical features and our future plans.

White Paper